Design Engineer


Design Engineer - Brisbane Based

Key role - Provide support to the Engineering Manager, Pre-contracts team and Project teams in the development of engineering solutions for projects. Solutions may include construction methodology, sequencing, lift planning, barge arrangement and temporary works design.

Solutions are to be at a professional standard with good constructability and sufficient redundancy in the designs. Solutions are to be well documented and communicated.

The role also expects a level of over-sight that the Projects are implementing the methods, designs and plans in accordance with the intent and being managed using company process.


You would be expected to:

  • Develop in-house Temporary Works design concepts (in coordination with construction teams)
  • Assist with external development of Temporary Works and Permanent Works Designs (interface between construction teams and external designers)
  • Coordinate designs to IFC status including verification.
  • Ensure all design information is delivered to Projects in controlled manner and liaise with TWC on implementation.
  • Oversee the process is being followed by Projects in terms of onsite verification and on-going use requirements throughout the use of the temporary works.
  • Oversee all Sharepoint and Power APPs functionality for Projects to ensure temporary works is managed in line with company process.

Formal Education: Tertiary Degree – Civil Engineering / Ocean Engineering / Construction Management

Salary Range: $130k-$170k p/a - dependent on experience