Sustainability Manager - A.C.T

Australian Capital Territory

Sustainability Manager

Location: Australian Capital Territory

Position Overview: We are seeking an experienced and passionate Sustainability Manager to lead our sustainability initiatives and drive positive change. The Sustainability Manager will play a pivotal role in developing, implementing, and overseeing our sustainability strategy and programs.


  1. Develop and implement a comprehensive sustainability strategy, goals, and objectives in alignment with organizational values and industry standards.
  2. Lead cross-functional teams to integrate sustainability principles into business operations, including design, construction, procurement, and facilities management.
  3. Conduct sustainability assessments and audits to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for innovation.
  4. Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to establish and track key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to measure and report on sustainability performance.
  5. Stay abreast of emerging trends, best practices, and regulatory requirements in sustainability and provide guidance and recommendations to senior management.
  6. Engage with clients, partners, and community stakeholders to promote sustainability initiatives and foster partnerships for collective impact.
  7. Lead the development and implementation of sustainability training and awareness programs for employees and stakeholders.


  1. Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science, Sustainability, Engineering, or a related field. Advanced degree preferred.
  2. Proven experience in sustainability management, with a track record of developing and implementing successful sustainability initiatives.
  3. Strong knowledge of sustainability frameworks, standards, and certifications (e.g., LEED, BREEAM, ISO 14001).
  4. Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and project management skills.
  5. Effective communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to collaborate with diverse stakeholders.